Tree Pruning

Pruning can help your trees and your property in valuable ways. From improving curb appeal to removing hazards, there are many benefits in using JB’s tree pruning services. Some of these reasons include:

Tree Health: Some trees benefit from pruning to help thin out the canopy or remove rubbing branches. Diseased trees may require pruning to keep the infection or infestation from spreading.

Prevent Splitting: A weak crotch can be an accident waiting to happen as it won’t be able to hold up the weight of the branch as it grows. Likewise, pruning off one of a pair of codominant leaders can prevent both from being too weak and splitting during a storm.

Safety: Corrective and preventative pruning strategies can help your trees remain strong and healthy and can eliminate weak points before limbs start falling and hurting people.

Maintain Shape: If your tree is growing in directions it shouldn’t be, a qualified tree pruner can help it adjust to stay on course. Good pruning could help you from having to remove a tree from a smaller area in the future.

Contact JB Tree Service today for a free estimate and get your trees under control with our quality tree pruning services. Your complete satisfaction with our work is our top priority.

JB Tree Service provides Tree Pruning Services in Greater Eastside Washington including: Snoqualmie Valley, Sammamish, Issaquah,Bellevue, Newcastle, Redmond and surrounding areas.

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