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Bellevue, WA has been ranked among the best places in the country to live for the last few years, and the people of Bellevue tend to agree with that. At JB Tree Service, we like to think that we do our part by bringing quality, professional tree services to Bellevue and the surrounding King County area. By providing the residents of Bellevue with a safe way to get their trees tended to, we can eliminate the occurrence of homeowners hurting themselves while attempting tree maintenance on their own. Also, we can prevent accidents happening from poor tree maintenance by taking care of weak or dead limbs before they fall down. We also contribute to the beauty of this community, though, by giving people access to high-quality tree trimming, pruning and thinning services as well as stump grinding services. Bellevue residents can improve their curb appeal and prevent accidents in a safe way by hiring JB Tree Service.

We’ve been maintaining trees in the Pacific Northwest for over 20 years, so when it comes to understanding the regional environment and its needs, nobody comes close to JB Tree Services. We know what trees need, especially trees common to this area, so we can provide pruning services which will prolong the life and growth of your trees while making sure that they stay tamed enough to remain where they are. Don’t let a tree get so out of control that you need to remove it. With a little corrective and preventative maintenance, you can keep your trees standing tall and proud for years to come.

Contact us for everything from aesthetic trimming to emergency tree removal services, including birch removal. We’ll get details about your needs so we can provide you with a quick, free estimate. Then we’ll provide you with the prompt, professional service that has made us the go-to tree experts for King County. Talk to us today and get started!

JB Tree Service provides Bellevue Tree Service and service to the area of Greater Eastside Washington. Call us at 425-888-8733 for a free estimate today.

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