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Redmond is commonly known as the “bicycle capital of the Northwest.” With 23 parks spanning over 1000 acres, the Redmond community is one that understands the importance of outdoor living. We like to do our part to preserve the nature in our community by providing quality tree services to the people of Redmond and the rest of King County. JB Tree Services has been maintaining trees in the Pacific Northwest for over 20 years and we’re proud to bring our experience and expertise to work for you. Keep your trees around longer with regular tree maintenance, trimming and pruning and make sure that these gentle giants don’t end up causing harm to you and your family.

By using creative and corrective pruning techniques, we can make sure that your trees don’t grow into places they shouldn’t—like too close to your window, or up into an electrical line. We can also make sure that weak limbs don’t become a hazard by falling on people. Clearing space beneath trees for pedestrians and playing children can allow you to enjoy your trees more without feeling like they’re a burden. Also, if you have a diseased tree on your property, we can often trim off the infected area, keeping the rest of your tree intact. If it comes time to remove a tree, for whatever reason, contact us as well. Tree removal is dangerous work, but we have the experience and knowledge required to do it safely.

We’re dedicated to your satisfaction and safety. That means we want you to be completely happy with our work and also that we don’t want you to attempt tree maintenance or removal on your own. Don’t risk your family’s safety or your own. If you need tree services on your Redmond property, contact JB Tree Service today. Get your free estimate and get started!

JB Tree Service provides Redmond Tree Service and service to the area of Greater Eastside Washington. Call us at 425-888-8733 for a free estimate today.

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